Text links are a temporary fix. The images and videos are still in full quality when you click on the link. Thumbnails coming back soon.

View and download Instagram pictures and videos in the highest resolution.

All Instagram accounts

Enter the source code of the picture(s) or video(s) in the search bar.

  1. 1. Click on the post. Right-click and select "View source code" or similar name in the sub-menu (depending on browser).

    Select "View Page Source" from the right-click menu
  2. 2. Select the entire source code by pressing ctrl + a (Windows) or cmd + a (Mac). Copy the source code by pressing ctrl/cmd + c.

    Mark the whole source code shown
  3. 4. Paste the entire source code by pressing ctrl/cmd + v.

    Paste the source code into the search bar
  4. 5. Click on the thumbnail to see the highest resolution / highest quality image. You can also download the image by right clicking on the image - save image.

    Click on the thumbnails shown