We are closing down. Instahighres (IHR) was a popular service with thousands of daily downloads. IHR was the first website where you could download images and videos from private IG accounts. When we first released IHR you could use the public link (on public accounts) to get a direct link to the photo(s) or video(s) you wanted to download. Instagram banned our IP. Therefore for V2 of IHR, the user had to copy the entire source code and paste the source code into the search bar on our site.

Some time later IG changed the source code which meant that we had to start from scratch - This was V3. Then, a couple of months later, Instagram changed the source code again. We don't want to play a cat and mouse game any longer, so we are closing down IHR.

This was a hobby project from the get-go. We never ran any ads.

Farewell from the devs at instahighres.com